About AFM

Croydon AFMIM (Croydon Fellowship) is part of the larger Pentecostal family of worldwide AFM International.

The assembly was born out of South East London Fellowship which is the first assembly to be formed in the UK and like a true mother gave birth to several assemblies across the UK cities. As part of AFM International, we believe in the triune God, the only one God, Sovereign, the creator who is 3 Person (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We believe in Jesus Christ, the second person of the trinity who died for the remission of our sins, was buried and rose on the 3rd day, ascended into heaven and in God’s time will return to get His church.

Overview of the work with the private sector and Community

AFMIM Croydon Fellowship has an agenda that focuses on social inclusion. We are willing to work in partnership with those who share our Charity’s goals and ethos. We view services to the local community as a key way in which we can live out the principles of our Christian faith. In these difficult economic times the needs of those within our local communities is steadily increasing, as is our imperative to help.

Our Mission

Croydon AFMIM (Croydon Fellowship) is part of a community of people who are committed to following God through Christ Jesus our Lord who is one with God. We believe in the inerrancy (free from error) and the final authority of the Bible as the Word of God guiding us in all Truth, in the knowledge of God, how to follow and how to live with God in our lives. We were authored in heaven, born and lived on earth and have our final destination in the eternal presence of God the first parent and the sovereign majesty. Our mission and our conviction arises from our Confession of Faith.

We at Croydon Fellowship believe it is all about loving God, geared at building the kingdom of God and bringing God’s people to their God given potential in their God given lives. A people whose love of Christ Jesus overflows to others joyfully sharing the good news and discipline the nations locally and abroad.

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