We at Croydon Fellowship exist to glorify the true God the creator of heaven and earth, in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. We desire to build a Spirit filled influential church, impacting our world for the glory of Christ Jesus our Lord.

We believe God called us to the following three (3) priorities:

  1. Establishing a sanctuary for worship
  2. We are part of the church of Hebrews 12:22-29. We are called to the highest vocation of man on earth, that of worshiping God. Creating that environment is of paramount importance to Croydon Fellowship to enable God’s people men and women, young and old to worship God in the liberty the Spirit gives, without class or prejudice

  3. Life Changing
  4. This is a critical ministry which prepares God’s people for the life changing salvation of God and transformation of believers by grounding them in the Biblical truth. This is anchored in the Holy Spirit and achieved through the preaching and teaching of the truth without compromise. The cross of Calvary is central to our message, not as the wooden beams but we focus people on the occupant of the cross, Christ Jesus our saviour. We share the joy of freedom and the freedom to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, be it in church or in home group meetings.

  5. Impacting
    • We believe the result of our relationship with God is the relationship and fellowship among believers. We desire to demonstrate the biblical truths to the fractured communities by the way we relate to and care for one another. This is regardless one is a long term member, a new member, or just passing through or just visiting us for the day or one’s personal circumstances.
    • Equipping believers as disciples to disciple others is important to share the good news. We train and teach believers to lead others to the glory of the living God. We communicate God to the communities through Evangelism and Missions either directly or supporting such.
    • We will impact our communities by participating in community programmes and global humanitarian efforts local or abroad. We serve God through our neighbours and people or communities in need elsewhere.
    • Prayer changes everything. We exist to pray and intercede not only for fellow Christians but for all people, communities around us and abroad, the government of Britain and other nations. We deliberately nurse and nurture the habit of prayer in our church life and in our home groups as well.

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